Serving the needs of both philanthropists and charities in the UK & US

Serving the needs of both philanthropists and charities in the UK & US

The Anglo-American Charity Limited is a UK registered charity designed to serve the needs of both philanthropists and charities in either the UK or the US.

Giving through the Charity ensures easy execution and maximum benefit for both the charity and the giver.

About Us

The Charity was created in 2003 by a group of American expatriates in London who were seeking to boost donations from UK based alumni of American schools and universities. We determined that the best way to encourage donations was to make it more tax efficient for the donors by establishing a dual qualified charity.

Why is making a gift to the Anglo-American Charity better than giving directly to either a UK or US charity?

1. if you give to a UK charity directly and you are also a American tax payer, the gift does not qualify for a US tax deduction.

2. if you are a UK only tax payer and you give to a US charity directly, your gift does not qualify for the Gift Aid Reclaim. Furthermore, you cannot reclaim the basic rate of tax on the gift.

Recent Recipients

Latest Recipient

Wellbeing of Women transforms the lives of women and babies through investment in pioneering medical research into women’s health issues.  We invest in people and projects to improve treatments, advance knowledge and better support women at each stage of life.  We are here to ensure that millions of women and their families no longer have to suffer the distress, pain and heartache caused by women’s reproductive health issues.