How to Give

How to Give

1. Download and complete the Gift Form and Gift Aid Declaration.

2. Return the signed and completed forms and a check for each donation to the Anglo-American Charity Limited, 5th Floor 20 Old Bailey London EC4M 7AN.

3. You will receive a letter from the Anglo-American Charity Limited acknowledging your gift.

4. When the gift has been made to the designated charity, you will receive a receipt for US tax purposes from the Anglo-American Charitable Foundation.

5. If you are a US resident donor (ineligible for Gift Aid) who wants to make a gift to a UK registered charity, please send a letter providing your details, the name and address of the charity, and your USD or GBP check to Mr. Stuart Horwich, The Anglo-American Charitable Foundation, PO Box 1717 Smithfield NC 27577, USA. We charge $100 on $15k or less, $250 over $10k and charge $500 on gifts over $50k.

6. Gifts can also be made to us via bank transfer.

7. Gifts can be made to us in USD or GBP and the onward gift to the recommended charity can be USD or GBP.